The purpose of the dynamic structure analysis is to know its vibratory behaviour in response to dynamic excitation forces.This makes it possible to avoid or correct a resonance problem, to size a shaft line, a machine chassis or a mechanical part or for example to anticipate and correct the vibrations of piping in the units

The dynamic structure survey is done either at the project stage to help with the sizing or the installation of a new piece of equipment, or when equipment is handed over to check that the natural frequencies will not be excited by the kinematic frequencies. It is also carried out during a vibratory diagnosis to distinguish between a shaft line fault and a structure response problem, or when there are cracks, to measure the dynamic stresses and to determine the cause thereof.

Modelling and calculation using finite elements make it possible to determine the natural modes (modal analysis) as well as the vibratory response to a dynamic force (response calculation).Transfer functions and modal distorsions on site are measured using a shock hammer. The stress measurement is done by gauges of micro-distorsion gauges and a strain bridge.

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