Instrumentation & sensors


The CTMO® Balancing is a compact, autonomous and high-performance solution for balancing your equipment which is difficult to gain access to.

This system carries out balances in 1 or 2 planes while being guided and assisted by numerous tools.

A real-time display of the levels at the rotation frequency makes it possible to monitor the stability of the signals in terms of amplitude and phase.

A guided mode makes it possible to perform a series of passes and obtain a balancing solution.
In free running mode, the user can repeat a test several times and refine the balancing.
A sheet of results at the end of the diagnosis certifies that your balancing has been successful.

All the data collected can be used in our advanced processing tool DynamX®.

The CTMO® Balancing is comprised of the following:

  • 1 hardened tablet
  • Adonis Balancing® software license
  • 1 optical tachometer kit
  • 3 accelerometer measurement channels
  • 1 hard shell carrying case
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