Vibratory monitoring

We talk about vibration monitoring when the measurements are carried out periodically or continuously. Its aim is to follow a condition-based maintenance policy making it possible to reduce losses and costs:

  • by avoiding accidental production stoppages
  • by taking action just in time and in a targeted manner depending on the fault under investigation
  • by planning the repairs and procurement of the spare parts required.

The periodicity of the monitoring can range from 4 months to 2 weeks depending on the process and the criticality of the equipment. It is often reduced when the indicators pass a first alarm threshold. The machine can also be equipped with instruments for continuous monitoring.

Vibration measuring is carried out using a data collector, by screwing or magnetizing accelerometers on the bearings of the shaft lines. The CTMO® Mesure has been developed by Dynae in order to record time signals on 4 channels. The DynamX Suivi®  software processes these raw signals to extract the monitoring indicators’ evolution curves. In the event of an alarm, the signal will be processed again to carry out a diagnosis: cause of the fault, seriousness, recommended maintenance action.

Vibration monitoring is a key predictive maintenance technique in order to ensure the reliability of your stock of machines.

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