Infrared thermography

Infrared thermography of electrical cabinets is now generalised on production sites as well as in the tertiary sector. Indeed, insurance companies encourage periodic inspections well defined in the D19 repository, in order to prevent the risks of fire and therefore reduce premiums.

In order to carry out the measurements, it is necessary for the electricity consumption to be sufficient in order to reveal the anomalies which cause hot points. The intensity is sometimes measured in addition to check the load and decide whether there is a component fault or a phase imbalance.

Inspecting high-voltage cabinets

When it comes to inspecting high-voltage cabinets and cells, it is necessary to put in place beforehand infrared windows during a shut-down. Otherwise, the ultrasound listening operation might be used to detect the Corona effects.

All the views showing a fault are memorised and if the corrective actions are carried out afterwards, a check measurement can be carried out in real time.

The diagnosis on refractories, heat networks, buildings or photovoltaic cells can also be performed by thermography.

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