DynamX® is the result of Dynae’s expertise and know-how in the following fields:

  • Vibration monitoring and troubleshooting on rotating machines,
  • Qualification tests,
  • Structure analysis.

The close contact and proximity of our software development team with our experts, partners and customers make DynamX® a unique product which meets industrial requirements.

Machine vibration data base

DynamX® relies on a high-performance, comprehensive and customisable data base: the management of sizeable volumes is robust, entering the information via forms is simple and the parameterization of the equipment is comprehensive and detailed.


DynamX® proposes a wide choice of measuring systems:

  • The use of Oros real-time analyzers is optimised through the interactive or automated acquisition modules. All the analyzers in the Oros Series 3, from 2 to 32 channels, are interfaced for live, real-time measurements, as well as for post-processing purposes.
  • The National InstrumentsTM DSA type acquisition boards makes it possible to record time signals for deferred processing. Various acquisition modes are proposed.
  • • Measuring is facilitated by the use of the CTMO® Mesure which, due to its compact design, its considerable autonomy and its 4 measuring channels, will allow you to optimise the data collection time in the field.


Editing results, diagnoses and recommendations are entirely assisted. Producing a complete document is automated.

The DynamX® software solution is broken down into three open-ended versions "Monitoring", "Diagnosis" et "Expert", with each version having its specificities to suit your business.

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