Adonis Balancing is easy-to-use, high-performance software to balance your equipment on field.

The measuring is facilitated by using the CTMO® Balancing which, due to its compact design, considerable autonomy and its 4 measuring channels, will allow you to optimise your balancing on site.

This system performs balancing in 1 or 2 planes in a manner guided and assisted by numerous tools.
The real-time display of the levels at the rotation frequency make it possible to monitor the stability of the signals in terms of amplitude and phase.

  • A guided mode makes it possible to link the campaigns and obtain a balancing solution.
  • In free mode, the user can repeat a test several times and refine the balancing.
  • A results sheet at the end of the diagnosis certifies that your balancing has been successful.

All the data collected can be used in our advanced processing DynamX®.

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