DynAlim - Current analysis

DynAlim® is diagnosis software based on analysing the waveform of the motor current.

The faults inducing instantaneous torque or rotation speed fluctuations are not easily identifiable by either traditional analyses or by complementary techniques. Variations in current constitute however a live image of the torque fluctuations which induce them. DynAlim® allows these faults to be analysed by automatically extracting indicators starting from the FMA and FMF of the AC or DC current. 

DynAlim® relies on a database which conserves all the indicators calculated for each piece of equipment for the whole history. Evolution curves for the indicators (TMA / TMF, TDH, modulation frequencies,…) can therefore be consulted any time. 

The dynamic acquisition of the current or the supply voltage is simplified directly using the Adonis Elec software and measurement routes. The measurements are facilitated using our CTMO Elec® device which, due to its compactness, its considerable autonomy and its ease of use will allow you to perform series of quick measurements in the field.

CTMO Elec®
In the case of 3 phases being subject to measurements simultaneously, an analysis of the imbalances is carried out in the form of a Fresnel and Park diagram.

The automatically generated report provides a sheet to monitor the motor.

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