DygiVib - Test vibration levels of your rotating machinery with the Dygit1 sensor

DygiVib is an app that can save your rotating machinery.

You have a doubt about one equipment ?
Plug the Dygit1 sensor into the micro USB plugging of your tablet or smartphone and DygiVib will guide you in few steps to define the machine and its measurement points and to process the tests.

All is OK ? Just edit the table of levels.

A doubt ? Share the data with an expert from Dynae that will post process the raw signal and send you back the diagnosis. 


You just have to set the record duration and Dygivib process in real time following indicators:

  • Velocity overall level RMS (from  2Hz, 5Hz or 10Hz to 1000 Hz)
  • Acceleration overall level RMS ( 0 to 8 kHz)
  • Acceleration overall Peak to Peak ( 0 to 8 kHz)
  • Displacement overall level 
  • Velocity spectrum 0-1000 Hz
  • Acceleration spectrum 0- 8000  Hz

You will display the chosen indicators in real time but it is also possible to consult remaining data. Il you have selected the ISO-10816 class of your equipment the levels will be automatically colored in green orange or red.

All scalars indicators can be exported in CSV file and moreover you can share the database by mail.

Raw time signal is exported as DDA file what is the format used by the expert software DynamX® by Dynae. It enables to post process the data to make a diagnosis of the main vibration cause.

Download DygiVib



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