Machine monitoring

SysTeo - Remote monitoring

SysTeo is a tool for recording and analysing dynamic signals designed for the purpose of temporarily monitoring a machine or industrial equipment. It makes it possible to quickly and efficiently put in place a monitoring system suited to the context: alarm settings, storing the useful signals, capturing disruptive or fugitive elements, monitoring the levels or a special parameter over time.

This system directly controls an Oros Series 3 analyser. Its interface easily sets the parameters of the acquisition and all the data of use for making measurements. All that then has to be done is state the nature of the data to be stored, the indicators to be monitored, the associated alarms and the monitoring conditions.

SysTeo has been designed for continuous monitoring without saturating the hard disk with useless data. The spectral, scalar or logical data will therefore be stored at regular intervals, and also from time to time the spectra corresponding to a switch to alarm mode, or the time signals triggered by a counter or an alarm.

At the end of the monitoring, a log of events is edited. It gives access to the details of the data archived. A particular period can then be selected in order to analyse it.

All the data collected can then be used in our advanced processing tool DynamX®.

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