Marine analysis

Seolane® makes it possible to implement equipment acceptance test methods in the fields of vibrations, airborne noise and pressure fluctuations described in the DCNS technical regulation SEFC.

Seolane® is the culmination of the combined evolution of technical regulations, measuring equipment and IT solutions.

The acquisition systems comprised of an Oros series 3 analyser (2 to 32 channels) ensures the production of all the parts of the regulation:

  • vibration qualification of class A or B installations
  • acoustic qualification according to pressure and sound intensity methods (by points or by scanning)
  • qualification of pressure fluctuations in piping

The running of the test code is monitored step by step in order to implement the suitable actions (Measurement/Calculation/Analysis/Qualification).

Publishing the report is automated using Word©. All the tables and graphs are also generated automatically and are able to be easily utilized.

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