Dynae is the leader in France in the field of diagnoses concerning hydroelectric generators.

We have developed a tool to assist in performing measurements and vibratory analyses on hydroelectric generators integrated into our DynamX ® software.
We organise biennial technical information days which gather together the main operators and manufacturers in the sector.

We primarily carry out work on the generators themselves but also on penstocks, valves or the structure of the building.

Vibratory analysis of hydroelectric groups In order to do so, we are in a position to propose the following works:

  • Facility acceptance tests in accordance with the 10816-5 and 7919-5 standards
  • Training sessions
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic fault diagnoses
  • Review of electromechanical condition by means of current analysis
  • Torque measurement with on-board gauges
  • Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of penstocks
  • Generator protection and monitoring system: accelerometers, probes, air gap
  • DynamX®data acquisition and processing software with module dedicated to hydroelectricity

The following companies place their trust in us: EDF DTG, EDF CIH, CNR, SHEM, Andritz, Alstom power Hydro, Hydro Exploitation, Mecamidi, One, Shema, Hydrostadium, Alpiq, UEM.

Success story

A generator’s vibration signature highlighted a potentially destructive structural fault in the event of a blocking fault. The recommended stiffening made it possible to turbine throughout the production period.


Applications concerning hydrolectric generators