Wind turbines, solar panels

In the field of wind turbines, we propose to assist you in putting in place the surveillance suited to your wind turbines:

  • Aid concerning the specifications
  • Optimisation of the measuring points
  • Validation of the analysis techniques.

This equipment with complex kinematics and unstable operation requires a quite specific approach.

We can also supply and put into service surveillance systems with our partners.

In the photovoltaic sector, inspecting panels using an infrared camera mounted on a drone makes it possible to monitor the damage or malfunctions noticed on the solar sensors.

The following companies place their trust in us: The Cestas photovoltaic plant, Compagnie du Vent.

Success story

By putting in place acquisition systems with SysTeo, it was possible to record the dynamic behaviour of the shaft line under various operating conditions and to establish a set of specifications suited to continuous surveillance.


Wind turbine surveillance and diagnosis