Dynae carries out work on thermal power plants, co-generation plants, gas turbines with numerous contracts in France. Our work and services concern turbo-generator units as well as the main ancillaries: feed pumps, fans.

Analyse vibratoire et thermographique des groupes turbo-alternateurs pour les centrales thermiques As far as turbo-generator units are concerned, we have developed a methodology including our vibration and electrical measurement expertise: the aim of vibroation and electrical diagnoses is to synchronously analyse electrical signals and vibratory signals in the following phases:

  • Speed increase
  • Excitation, coupling
  • Load increase
  • Change of reagent
  • Speed decrease.

For combustion turbines (CT), the operating mode is different: it is important to differentiate between cold and hot speed increases as the effects of heat expansion are quite significant. Using high-temperature sensors makes it possible to record the vibrations in the hot parts, and to establish a comparison with identical CTs in our data base.

We also carry out diagnoses on auxiliaries and the balancing of fans.

The following companies place their trust in us: CNPE EDF, Aramon, la Maxe, Cordemai, Le Havre, Blenod Vitry, Blenod Ponteau, Lavera Utilities, Centrale de Gardanne.

Success story

The diagnosis performed on a 700MW turbo-generator unit showed that the instrumentation in place masked a turbine imbalance fault. After balancing and repairing the sensor, the facility became operational again.