Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas

turbo machines, charge pumps and extruders for petrochemicals vibration diagnosis The fields of work are numerous and the quantities of rotating machines, static equipment and piping are quite significant:

  • Assistance when it comes to designing and locating rotating machines
  • Dynamic calculation of shaft lines, dynamic structure analysis
  • Acceptance of new machines, commissioning
  • Diagnosis on turbomachines, charging pumps …
  • Diagnosis on extruders
  • Analysis and solutions for piping vibrations
  • Balancing of aircoolers
  • Thermography cast furnaces
  • Training courses

They place their trust in us: Total, Naphtachimie, Lyondell Basel, Petroineos, Dresser Rand, Total Upstream, Exxon Mobil, BASF, Storegy GRTGAZ, Technip.

Success story

The vibration acceptance test on an offshore compression unit revealed a foreign matter in compressor wheel which was only detectable by means of the vibrations induced on the downstream pipes. Considerable work on the lines was able to be avoided.


Oil & Gas, petrochemicals