Rail transport:

Vibratory analysis for trains, trams, metropolitan shuttles We primarily carry out work at the stage of the transmission diagnosis. An automatic diagnosis test bench for the motor bearings was therefore developed with Clemessy for the RATP (Paris Public Transport Operator).

We have been working for several years to help operators and manufacturers to perform a diagnosis of the transmission bearings and gears with the aim of extending their lifetime before servicing.

See transport:

Fault diagnosis affecting propulsion

  • Infrared thermography of the electrical cabinets and insulated material
  • Electrical fault diagnosis on installations

Port infrastructure, travelling cranes and gantries

  • Vibratory and electrical diagnosis of the lifting, translation and direction controls
  • Analysis of structure problems: oscillations of gantries

Ski lifts:

We carry out health checks on the geared motors and pulleys of ski lifts in ski resorts or any other cable means of transportation, in order to anticipate any breakdown during the high season.

Some operators carry out the measurements themselves using the CTMO® and send the measurements to Dynae for analyses and recommendations.

They place their trust in us: Keolis, RATP, SNCF, Compagnie Maritime Nantaise, DCNS, Marine Nationale, Wartsila, Seafrance, CGM.

Success story

The measurements of oscillations and natural modes of container gantries led us to propose the targeted strengthening of some elements of the structure in order to regain the handling comfort and accuracy of the lifting beam.


Diagnosis on geared motors of ski lifts