Condition-based maintenance

Electrical equipment diagnosis training course

ELEC training course - Techniques for electrical equipment diagnosis and their applications with regard to condition-based maintenance
Diagnoses on electrical equipment are becoming more and more important due to the permanent changes undergone by electrical grids. The multiplication of variable speeds also adds complexity which requires des diagnoses.

  • Reminder of the basic principles of electrical engineering
  • Operating principle and technology of asynchronous, synchronous, direct current motors and generators
  • Vibratory and electrical symptoms and the rules governing diagnoses
  • Power supply, excitation and regulation, influence of the grid
  • Switchgear, taking measurements and making analyses - Illustration on didactic model
  • Monitoring methodology
  • Indicators, thresholds and standards
  • Industrial case studies on rotating machines and grids

Electrical and energy department staff: maintenance, methods, production.

Pre-requisite: none

  • Learn about conventional and innovative investigation methods used for monitoring and diagnoses on electrical equipment: motors, generators, variable speed drives and regulators, as well as their interaction with the grid
  • Using spectral analysis of the electric current for diagnosing faults on rotating machines
  • Knowing how to implement a policy for monitoring your stock of electrical equipment


  • Finding out all about advanced diagnosis techniques
  • Three-phase didactic bench
  • Led by electricians carrying out diagnoses on a daily basis

Course duration: 3 days
During in-company training, it is possible arrange exercises on your own facilities.