Condition-based maintenance

Infrared thermography training course

TIR training course – Infrared thermography applied to condition-based maintenance
Detecting faults using infrared thermography is very efficient, provided you learn how to do so in order to avoid pitfalls.

  • Principle and general information about infrared thermography
  • Operating a thermal imaging camera
  • Industrial case studies
  • Handling a thermal imaging camera
  • Real-life situations on your own industrial facilities
  • Pitfalls and errors to be avoided

APSAD D19 qualified trainers

Staff in charge of thermographic inspections.

  • Pre-requisite: none
  • Acquire the basic principles of infrared thermograph applied to condition-based maintenance
  • Understand how a thermal imaging camera works
  • Understand and then master situations involving thermographic measurements in the industrial field
  • Know how to interpret images and avoid pitfalls


  • APSAD D19 qualified trainers who deal with infrared thermography on a daily basis

Course duration: 1 day
During in-company training, it is possible arrange a real-life situation on your own industrial facilities.