Condition-based maintenance

Maintenance 101

MC Training course - Principle and implementing the techniques used
Putting in place a condition-based maintenance policy requires using various complementary techniques. To optimise the deployment of these techniques, it is recommended that you know about the principles and implementation thereof.

  • Equipment monitoring policy:
    summary and blueprint to put in place and optimise your strategy: analysis of requirements, objectives, organisation, means and procedures, economic aspect
  • Principle, applications, implementation and organisation of the various monitoring techniques:
    Vibratory analysis, electrical analysis, infrared thermography, analysis of lubricants and ultra-sounds
  • Applications on model:
    vibratory measurements, use of the TIR camera



Staff in charge of maintenance, methods and mechanical and electrical reliabilities.

  • Pre-requisite: none

The objectives of this training course are to acquire the knowledge required to implement and supervise a maintenance based on a multitechnical monitoring


  • Courses run in partnership with a specialist in IESPM lubricant analysis
  • Experience in multi-technical deployment for various industrial processes

Course duration: 3 days.
A personalised audit of your condition-based maintenance policy can be organised.