Hydroelectric generator diagnosis training course

GHE training course - Diagnosis of specific faults and case studies on hydroelectric generators
Hydroelectricity is becoming strategic with regard to CO2 emissions and its flexibility. Production methods have changed and resulting vibratory problems have to be taken into account, with a personalised measurement and analysis methodology.

  • Reminders about measuring vibration(s)
  • Vibratory diagnosis of the main faults encountered
  • Signal processing: orbits, temporal and synchronous analysis, gaps
  • Analysis of transient or unsteady behaviours
  • Vibrations of hydraulic origin
  • Electromagnetic phenomena
  • Existing standards and how to interpret them
  • Industrial examples and case studies on hydroelectric generators.

Option : diagnoses on real signals

  • Approach and diagnosis carried out by the participants on real signals
  • Possibility to come with your own signals or feedback.

Operators, manufacturers or maintenance specialists of hydraulic units

  • Pre-requisite: knowledge of vibratory analyses (Vi)

Acquire the specific knowledge required to carry out vibratory diagnoses on generators driven by water turbines.


  • Dynae’s wealth of experience in the field of hydroelectricity
  • Case studies on hydroelectric generators and other equipment

Course duration: 3 days with 1 day optional for practical exercises.
During in-company training, it is possible arrange exercises on your own facilities.