Centrifugal pump diagnosis training course

VPC training course – Technology and process of centrifugal pumps, diagnosis of faults and practical work on pumping loop
There is a considerable number of centrifugal pumps in industry. Their technology seems simple but it is essential to have a good understanding of how they work to carry out relevant recommendations and diagnoses.

How centrifugal pumps work (done by ENSIVAL MORET):

  • Wheel and tightness technologies, operation, NPSH
  • The pump in the network
  • The measurable variables and the laws of physics which link them.

The vibratory analysis (done by Dynae):

  • Typological spectrum of a centrifugal pump
  • Mechanical faults: unbalance, bearing, friction, etc
  • Hydraulic faults: cavitation, draining, pulsations
  • Influence of the operating conditions
  • Interactive case studies.

Putting into practice

  • The trainees are welcomed at the test platform on the ENSIVALMORET site in Ambès in order to put into practice the information presented on the previous 2 days
  • Approach and diagnosis carried out by the participants on a pump.

Any person in charge of designing, operating or carrying out maintenance on centrifugal pumps wishing to acquire technical mastery of this equipment with the aim of extending the service life, optimising the operation and the energy consumption thereof, or to plan to implement new equipment.

  • Pre-requisite:VI, VD or VMD training courses
  • Understand how a centrigual pump works
  • Correlate process and vibrations
  • Perform diagnoses on the faults coming from the pump or how it operates


  • Course developed in partnership with the centrifugal pump specialist ENSIVAL MORET
  • Pratical work on pump test loop

Course duration: 3 days.
This course is .performed in Ensival Moret Laboratory near Bordeaux.