Paper machine diagnosis training course

MAP training course – Diagnosis of the faults relating specifically to paper mill equipment and case studies on Paper Machines
Monitoring vibrations on paper machines is very delicate, as a breakdown on a piece of equipment stops production. Therefore, very precise methods of investigation have to be implemented. Furthermore, many problems affecting the quality of the product or production problems can be diagnosed by analysing specific indicators.

  • Monitoring and vibratory diagnosis of the low-speed bearings (dryers, Yankee) and gear drives: gear reducers, driving pinion boxes for dryers
  • Analysis of the torque and instantaneous rotation speed fluctuations by analysing the engines’ supply currents and the tacho signals
  • Monitoring the changes in the dynamic profiles of the presses by analysing the pressure fluctuations in the contact actuators
  • Analysis of the fluctuations in grammage or thickness
  • Seeking the causes of barring
  • Case studies on paper-making process machines.

Personnel from maintenance, production, technical and quality departments.

  • Pre-requisite: Vi, VD or VMD training courses

Discover the innovative methods which go beyond basic vibration monitoring making it possible to reduce sheet breakages, scrap and premature wear and tear of press coating, fabric and felts and other machines used in the paper-making process.


  • Dynae’s wealth of experience in the field of paper-making
  • The process fault diagnosis

Course duration: 2 days