Stages certifiants

Certified vibration training level 1


  • Vibrations : general definition, vocabulary
  • Switchgear, taking measurements
  • Introduction to spectral analysis
  • Notion of resonance
  • Knowledge of the equipment, motors, pumps, fans, turbines, compressors, …
  • Analysis of basic failures and corresponding corrective action
  • Vibratory monitoring methodology: procedures, tests, thresholds, standards, …

Staff intended to carry out vibratory data collections.

Pre-requisites: none

  • Know how to carry out vibratory measurements properly and according to pre-planned routes
  • Acquire knowledge of the technology of the equipment monitored
  • Know how to detect and diagnose basic faults


  • In compliance with the requirements of the ISO 18436-2 standard.

Course duration: 4 days