DynaLAB – Teaching vibration analysis

DynaLAB is a complete vibration analysis package dedicated to training courses and teaching. This package (hardware, software, real case studies and lexicon) is used for the courses and practical work involving vibration analysis or signal processing, in order to train students in the techniques used in the industrial world.

This vibration analysis package is based on our DynamX®software designed and dedicated to the acquisition and post-processing of vibratory signals, with a very comprehensive range of tools to utilise the data bases and assistance for publishing reports. DynamX® is the reference in the field of vibratory diagnosis on rotating machines.

The acquisition hardware is comprised of four accelerometers with attachments, four cables and a National Instruments 4-channel USB acquisition board.

Two data bases are delivered with the software. One of them presents real case studies relating to faults commonly encountered on rotating machines in industry, with comparison of the symptomatic signals and the dismantling reports. The second one illustrates the interest of various signal processing tools.

The DynaVIB lexicon was drawn up by Dynae with the aim of helping its customers to understand the terminology used in our business: usual terms, scientific terms, with their definitions and applications.

The models proposed make it possible to simulate various faults, in particular bearing faults thanks to the assembly of sizeable bearings (based on estimate).