Gear diagnosis training

VENG course – Diagnosis of gears by vibratory, electrical and tachymetric analysis
Vibratory analysis probably offers the most possibilities for step-down and step-up gears. Gears generate actually generate a multitude of kinematic frequencies which are symptoms to be analysed. Thus the scope of analyses can range from the simplest to the most complex ones.

  • Gear technology
  • Degradation modes
  • Typology of a gear in good condition
  • Typology of damage or malfunctions
  • Advanced signal processing techniques applied to gear diagnoses
  • Study of torque fluctuations by means of electrical and tachymetric analyses
  • Typological indicators specific to monitoring and diagnoses on gear transmission systems
  • Implementation of measuring and analysis techniques on didactic gear test bench

The participants can bring their own case studies if they wish.

Staff having good knowledge of vibratory diagnosis.

  • Pre-requisite: VD or VMD training courses

Acquire advanced diagnosis techniques for gear transmissions, by means of vibratory, electrical and tachymetric analyses.


  • « Expert » training with advanced theoretical aspect
  • Highly advanced case studies on gears

Course duration: 3 days
Course duration : 3 days During in-company training, it is possible to arrange exercises on your own facilities.