Bearing diagnosis training

VR training course – Bearing vibratory diagnosis
Monitoring the condition of the bearings of a stock of machines is the major issue when it comes to predictive maintenance. If the information "Good"/ "To be replaced" is sufficient in many cases, some processes require going much further in the diagnosis to make recommendations suited to the context.

  • Technology relating to bearings
  • Degradation modes and their causes
  • Notions of service life
  • Vibratory typologies of the alterations and degradation processes: isolated faults, flaking, wear and tear, play, seizure, ring spill
  • Factors of influence: pre-load, assembly, lubrication, rotation speed…
  • Advanced signal processing techniques applied to the bearing diagnosis
  • Typological indicators specific to bearing monitoring and diagnosis
  • Industrial case studies
  • Applications on model
  • Implementation of the analysis techniques on didactic bench for bearings.

The participants can bring along their own case studies if they wish.

Staff having good knowledge of vibratory diagnosis.

  • Pre-requisite: VD or VMD training course

Acquire a rigorous approach to bearing diagnoses and manage to make a judgement in terms of the seriousness of the faults whatever the rotation speeds.


  • « Expert » training with advanced theoretical aspect
  • Highly advanced case studies relating to bearings

Course duration: 3 days During in-company training, it is possible arrange exercises on your own facilities.