Structural dynamics training course

VS training course - Measurements and simulations by calculating finite elements
The structural dynamics analysis requires a pragmatic approach to be efficient in an industrial environment. Beyond the theory, it is useful to acquire methodologies which are adapted to reality in the field.

  • Dynamic variables dedicated to the structural analysis and measuring them: natural frequency, stiffness, damping, illustration on a system with 1 degree of freedom
  • Isolation from vibrations : the principles, the traps, the existing decoupling systems
  • Identifying a resonance phenomenon
  • Experimental modal analysis : usefulness, the major principles, presentation of an exhaustive approach, methods of identification

Structural modifications:

  • Basic modifications (adding weight / stiffness)
  • Other solutions : dynamic dampers and absorbers
  • Using a model by finite elements : the outlines of modelling, the various ways of readjusting a model in relation to measurements, readjustment tools, applications
  • Case studies.

Staff from design offices, engineering firms, maintenance departments.

  • Pre-requisite: knowledge of vibratory measurements

Prior participation in the Vi training course is preferable.

Know how to identify a structural dynamics problem, know the tools available to resolve these phenomena.


  • Comparison, practical approach and modelling
  • Practical work
  • Courses given in partnership with Vibratec

Course duration: 3 days