Vibratory diagnosis

Vibratory monitoring parameter set-up training course

VOP training course- Personalised training course to improve setting up the parameters of your vibration data base and your analysis and diagnosis methodology
Setting up the parameters of the data base correctly is the key to ensuring the efficiency of vibratory monitoring. Our experts opinion is beneficial to be able to propose solutions suited to your requirements.

  • The situation concerning your vibratory monitoring strategy
  • Analysis of the consistency of the parameters set up for the measurements depending on the machines: periodicity, type of measurement, acquisition time, averaging, resolution, analysis ranges
  • Work on the choice of indicators and alarm thresholds
  • Practical work involving results analysis, diagnoses and drafting recommendations to put in place an efficient methodology
  • Tutored analysis of your concerns and personalised advice.

Staff who are in charge of setting up the parameters of the vibratory monitoring data base, analysing measurements and establishing diagnoses and recommendations, configuring the online system

  • Pre-requisite: Vi training
  • Optimise the setting up the parameters of your vibratory monitoring data base
  • Make the best use of the functionalities of your data collector
  • Interpret the online data properly
  • Consolidate your methods of analysing the measurements and establishing your diagnoses
  • Know how to draft a clear report with suitable recommendations


  • Personalised training in line with your requirements and concerns
  • Immediate benefit in terms of the optimisation of your monitoring

Training course duration: 2 days. The course takes place on your own installations and vibratory monitoring systems.