Vibratory diagnosis

Vibration initiation training

V0 training course - Initiation, analysis and implementation
A day of discussions with our specialists will allow you to acquire the basic knowledge of use to understand vibratory analysis techniques.

  • Maintenance and vibratory analysis : the various types of maintenance strategy and the place of vibrations
  • Vibration : general definition and vocabulary
  • Methodology : monitoring, thresholds, standards
  • Basic instrumentation: sensors, collectors
  • Practical exercises: choice of measuring points, influence of the operating conditions, overall level measurements, mask effect and spectra, influence of various mechanical faults…

Person carrying out collections or wishing to find out more about vibratory analysis and get to know the related vocabulary.

  • Pre-requisite: none

Learn about vibratory analysis, understand what it brings to a predictive maintenance plan.


  • Quickly provides the keys to understanding

Course duration: 1 day