Vibratory diagnosis

Training course in vibratory monitoring of rotating machines

Vi training course – First-level vibratory monitoring and diagnosis
First-level diagnosis is based on the vibratory signature of rotating machines at steady speed under their normal operating conditions. This leads to quick comparative measurements, making it possible to detect the majority of fault symptoms.

  • Preventive maintenance and vibratory analysis in the company
  • Vibratory measurement : general information, machines and vibrations, vibratory indicators, standards
  • Spectral analysis: principles, periodic and random phenomena
  • First-level diagnosis: imbalance, lineage, bearings, gearings…
  • Notion of resonance
  • Swithgear
  • Implementation of the monitoring : setting parameters, thresholds, evolutions

Option: Balancing

  • Balancing 1 and 2 planes : principle, procedure, standards, practical work on models

Staff in charge of vibratory data collections and analyses.
Methods, mechanical reliability.

  • Pre-requisite: none

Know how to carry out reliable monitoring of machines with simple kinematics based on first-level vibratory diagnoses


  • Practical and pragmatic features
  • Practical work on model

Course duration: 3 days + 0.5 day for the balancing option.
During the in-company course, activities can be arranged on your installations while using your measuring equipment, as the case may be.