Vibratory diagnosis

Vibratory measurement and diagnosis training

VMD course - Real-life situations on test bench and interactive case studies
There is always a step to take between theory and practice: practical work makes it possible to get to know the theory before carrying out practical work in the field.

1st part: vibratory diagnosis tools

  • Operating principle of an analyser
  • Choice of analysis configurations
  • Advanced treatments and visualisation tools
  • Basic principle of the structural analysis
  • Stationary, transient and non-stationary signals

2nd part: pratique du diagnostic vibratory

  • Interactive accumulated experience: industrial case studies are put to the expertise of the participants and their diagnosis is then compared with accumulated experience
  • Simulations of faults on test bench: with the help of the trainer, the participants prepare and carry out their diagnosis procedure according to various chronological stages

Staff who already have good knowledge of vibratory diagnoses.

  • Pre-requisite: VD course
  • Programme and carry out measurements to perform a vibratory diagnostic
  • Apply diagnosis methods concerning rotating machines


  • Real-life situation on an actual test bench
  • Implementation of the measurements and signal processing by the participants

Course duration: 4 days.
This course is performed in our laboratory near Lyon