Port Infrastructure

Port equipment managers must deal with major technical and economic issues, as well as major constraints relating to loading and unloading of vessels. Dynae assists them by placing all its expertise at their disposal in terms of diagnoses and monitoring their strategic equipment.

Study of oscillations of cranes and gantries

  • Validation of the specification
  • Safety (emergency stops)
  • Mechanical behaviour, fatigue
  • Speed and precision of manoeuvers
  • Comfort of the driver

Vibrations at the workstation

  • Compliance with the ISO 2631 standard
  • Daily exposure time
  • Taking into account impulse phenomena
  • Analysing the causes of exceeding thresholds
  • Technical solutions

Generator set diagnosis

  • Acceptance test for new installations
  • Monitoring for conditional maintenance
  • Mechanical condition rewiew
  • Diagnosis of faults

Electrical expertise

  • Identification of faults at the source
  • Corrective recommandations
  • Mechanical condition review