Measurement software and hardware

Dynae has designed various measurement and signal acquisition chains compatible with its analysis software. The interaction of our software development team with our experts, partners and customers make our software powerful tools for your requirements.

DynamX®: Measuring and processing of dynamic signals

If you are looking for an efficient solution to measure, consult, analyse and store your signals, DynamX® is THE complete solution for optimal use of your dynamic data.


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The CTMO®, field intelligence!

The CTMO® is an efficient and economical 4-channel manifold, entirely developed by Dynae.

It allows measurements to be made and the main indicators to be observed in real time: time signals, spectra and overall levels in order to allow a first analysis during collection.

We have integrated the experience of our people to meet requirements in the field: operator safety, ergonomics, robustness and quality control of real-time measurements.

The CTMO® works with both wired sensors and our DyVib® wireless accelerometers.

4 applications have been developed on the CTMO®:

  • CTMO®Measurement
  • CTMO®Balancing  
  • CTMO®Structure
  • CTMO®Electric  

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DynAlim® - Electrical signature of motors and generators

DynAlim® is our diagnostic aid software by analysing the electric current supplied to motors and alternators. It is designed to perform the periodic electrical signature of a fleet of motors and alternators, in order to monitor dedicated indicators.

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Séolane - Testing and qualification of on-board equipment

Seolane® allows the implementation of equipment acceptance methods in the fields of vibration, airborne noise and pressure fluctuations described in technical regulations RC9 A B C of NAVAL GROUP and the DGA.


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AdoRec® - Capturing fleeting disturbances

Untimely tripping of a machine due to high vibrations, transient electrical disturbances, erratic manufacturing faults ... AdoRec© will not let anything pass and will help you establish multi-parameter correlations to identify the origin of the fault.


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DygiVib - Spot vibration checks

Do you have a concern about a machine? Download the DygiVib application and connect the Dygit1 or Dygit2 accelerometer to your tablet or smartphone.

DygiVib guides you in a few steps to create the machine and the measurement points, carry out the measurements, compare the levels to the standard and analyse the spectra.

If you have a doubt about the results, you can share the file measured with a Dynae expert who will reprocess and analyse it to give you their diagnosis.


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Specific software

For your requirements when it comes to measurement, qualification, archiving, results consultation, or specific calculations, we develop tailor-made software which meets your specifications.


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