Our ISO 184336 -2 certifying training courses

We offer V1, V2, and V3 training corresponding to CAT 1, CAT2 and CAT 3 certifications. The programme and duration of the training courses comply with the ISO 18436 standard. The training materials have been entirely developed by the Dynae teams by incorporating industrial examples, and validated by Mobius Institute.

EES - Dynae being an approved examination centre, you will be able to take the Mobius exam at the end of the course. It will be corrected by Mobius who will award you the certification.

V1 COURSE – Certified category 1 vibration training

V2 COURSE - Certified category 2 vibration training

V3 COURSE - Certified category 3 vibration training

T1 COURSE – Certified category 1 infrared thermography training