CTMO®, intelligence of the field!

The CTMO® is the 4-channel data collector developed by the Dynae teams.

The CTMO is a Mobile Time Collector and the raw time signals are collected during measurements. It allows dynamic signal measurements to be taken in a simple, autonomous, ergonomic and economical way.

The CTMO® is available for different applications:

CTMO® Measurement

Vibration signals collector for monitoring a fleet of machines.

The CTMO® stores the raw time data, while displaying the diagnosis indicators necessary for a first evaluation in the field.

The data is then processed by our DynamX monitoring, diagnosis or expert survey tools.

This application now offers the possibility of connecting DyVib® wireless accelerometers, in addition to its 4 wired channels.

CTMO® Balancing

Assisted balancing in 1 or 2 planes

The CTMO® Balancing allows balancing in 1 or 2 planes in a guided and assisted manner by many tools.

A real-time display of the levels at the rotational frequency allows the stability of the signals to be checked in terms of amplitude and phase.

A guided mode allows you to chain the throws and obtain a balancing solution. In free mode, the user can repeat a test several times and fine-tune the balance.

CTMO® Structure

Measurement of transfer functions and deformations in the field

The CTMO® Structure facilitates the measurement of transfer functions on structures which are difficult to access.

The data collected is directly compatible with our DynamX.structure processing tool.

The frequency response functions (FRF) will be used to characterise the natural frequencies or to perform a modal analysis.

The measurements while in operation will make it possible to calculate the operational deformations (ODS).

CTMO® Electric

Collection and analysis of motor and alternator currents

The CTMO® Electric makes it possible to produce the electrical signature of a fleet of rotating machines: the dynamic measurement of the current or the supply voltage of the motors is intended to detect faults manifested through instantaneous fluctuations in torque or speed, as well as phase imbalances.

It is associated with our database for electrical monitoring of DynAlim motors and generators.