Specific developments

With our wealth of know-how in the fields of measurement, qualification, archiving, consultation, or post-processing of dynamic signals, Dynae develops software which meets your specific requirements. We support you during all the phases of your projects to provide you with a lasting solution: technical preliminary study, expression of requirements, acceptance and training.


Dynae developed a vibration measurement and analysis system for a concrete press manufacturer.

By better controlling vibrations during the manufacture of concrete elements, our customer offers a more durable and reproducible product.


Our customer has been measuring and archiving vibration data from equipment in the Defence sector for over 30 years.

This data was stored in a system which had become obsolete, Dynae developed a new database with migration of the existing data, integration of new consultation tools and a gateway with indicators from DynamX®.


Our customer is a manufacturer of turbines and compressors who wanted to modernise their compressor rotor test rig.

EES - DYNAE proposed an on-bench acquisition system which helped fine-tune the manufacturer's quality control.


Dynae has developed for its customer, a manufacturer of spare parts in the automotive industry, an acoustic starter control software product and a wiper system monitoring tool.

Our customer can therefore validate the conformity of their products with the requirements of the automobile manufacturers more quickly.