Our partners

Dynae has developed a network of partners responding to technical excellence in complementary areas for our training courses, our services, supplying measurement equipment and online monitoring systems. Together, we offer you the best technology and service for each of your applications!

Training partners

With over 55 years of know-how, IESPM is a key player in the field of fluid analysis and diagnoses. The independence of its laboratories guarantees you an impartial and confidential service which meets your requirements. IESPM offers unique support in monitoring your equipment with tailor-made analysis solutions tailored to your requirements.

SAMR, also known under the name of METAL ROUGE ©, is a French company specialising in plain bearing technologies, founded in 1947. METAL ROUGE © is based in Troyes and produces bearings, bushings, runners and butts thanks to a constantly modernised factory.

Nowadays, METAL ROUGE © customers are manufacturers of compressors, combustion engines, turbines, maintenance specialists, in short, all applications using hydrodynamic bearing technology. And in various fields ranging from the manufacture of marine engines to scooters and from hydroelectric production to petrochemicals. METAL ROUGE © also offers its services, in expert surveys, design and training, dedicated to plain bearing technology.

CERG is an Engineering and Test Centre specialising in Fluid Mechanics.

More than Hydraulic Engineering firm, CERG is regarded as a specialist in Fluid Mechanics offering its engineering, testing, expert survey and training services to manufacturers in all sectors.

With over 100 test facilities spread out over 4000m², 10 MW of power and up to 8 m3/sec, CERG is a unique centre in Europe.

Innovating, developing new processes, reinventing hydraulics are the foundations of CERG's values. With a wealth of expertise acquired over more than half a century, CERG is the ideal partner when it comes to the development of your equipment or processes.

The Moret Industries group, which was founded back in the 19th century, has, in the space of thirty years, become globally recognised in its market thanks to its two businesses, engineering and process installation on the one hand and the production of pumps on the other. Ensival Moret, a subsidiary of Sulzer, works for the petrochemical, energy and paper mill sectors.


Instrumentation partners

ifm electronics specialises in automation solutions offering quality services. ifm is now represented by more than 7,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Since it was founded, ifm has grown steadily, but has not however forgotten its founding virtues: the flexibility and proximity of a small company combined with the quality and professionalism of a large group.

PCH Engineering A/S is a Danish company specialising in the manufacture of vibration monitoring systems. With 20 years’ experience, it offers a wide range of monitoring solutions for rotating machinery.