Seeing to it that you do not miss any fleeting disruptions!

A modular system to monitor multiple dynamic parameters

Connect up to 32 sensors (vibrations, temperatures, rotational speeds, stresses) to the interchangeable input modules, depending on the static or dynamic values to be recorded.

AdoRec® continuously records the raw time signals while calculating the indicators necessary for detecting the desired phenomena.

It therefore guarantees you will not miss the fleeting events which you want to capture.

Setting up the monitoring parameters

Up to 2 months of uninterrupted monitoring of your equipment with a maximum of 32 measurement channels.


A wide range of standard indicators are available for dynamic and slow channels.

Customisable indicators can be configured to better monitor your machine.

Consulting / Extracting data

The consultation tool offers trend curves for indicators and the extraction of recordings at the desired time.

The channels are made available for advanced analysis as DDA files (DynamX compatible) or universal files (UFF).

The equipment

The AdoRec© box is made up of a large capacity industrial PC, an NI chassis with 8 slots, and has a touch screen.

The chassis configuration is modular according to the monitoring requirements.