Our services

Every day, we work on industrial sites to examine your production equipment, carry out a check-up, detect faults and recommend remedies.

The acceptance test carried out on the new machines is intended to ensure that there are no faults that may appear later and to keep the installation at a zero starting point.

While in operation, periodic measurement campaigns will guarantee you better availability of your machines, the optimisation of your maintenance costs and the reliability of your fleet.

In the event of a malfunction, alarms or tripping, we carry out an SOS diagnostic of the equipment in order to take a decision regarding the origin and seriousness of the fault and advise you on the procedure to be followed.

Our diagnoses are based on vibration analyses, electrical analyses and infrared thermography.

Our diagnoses concern many types of equipment:

  • Rotating machines 
  • Turbomachinery 
  • Alternative machines 
  • Paper machines 
  • Rolling mills  
  • Machine tools 
  • Piping, furnaces, boilers 
  • Combustion engines 
  • Cranes and gantries  
  • Electrical equipment and networks 
  • Hydroelectric generators 
  • Test benches 
  • Heating networks 
  • Photovoltaic power plants